Fans of Knives: August 30, 2016

Legion is finally here – let the leveling begin!

Fierydemise, Tamen and others have worked their butts off and ShadowCraft is ready for use. Many, many thanks to them for that. There will doubtless be bugs. Follow Tamen on Twitter (@tamenctr) and/or let him know in our Discord if you find an issue.


Fierydemise has shared some immediate advice for spec choice as well as a caution regarding theorycrafting at this time:

If you just want to check out his initial Artifact Power paths they are on Wowhead:

Speaking of Wowhead, if you haven’t yet, check out the guides that Vigilate wrote for each spec:

Aneuryzm of Infexious gaming has posted some videos about leveling and his take on the Artifact Power paths:


Rfeann has updated our Chagelog with the lastest tweaks to our class:


Another post that bears repeating is Poneria of Fel Concentration’s look at the viability of leveling two Artifact Weapons. If you plan to maintain at least two specs, check this out:


There will doubtless be some weird issues here and there. Aeriwen has started a thread for stealth bugs. If you find them, post them so we can get them fixed ASAP:


Look for more guides and information in the coming days and weeks as we move on into the Broken Isles. Happy leveling everyone!

Follow this week’s contributors on Twitter:

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