Fans of Knives: December 26, 2017

Winter Veil is in full swing and, as we mentioned last week, if you need the Miniature Winter Veil Tree pick up the daily quest, You’re a Mean One….

The lovely Warcraft devs gave us a nice little Winter Veil hotfix:

Hotfixes: December 22

  • Golganneth’s Vitality should no longer break stealth when it procs.


Skwiggle has a new Subtlety Guide. If you enjoyed his Outlaw Guide, definitely check this out:


Infexious has a couple of new videos. Check out his spec chat and stream of all the Antorus bosses as well as his look at the Assassination Fan of Knives “bug.”

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Note: by all means take advantage of this FoK build while it is available, but expect it to be hotfixed. Don’t put too much into re-gearing unless you are in a position to gear back after the probable fix.


The Ravenholdt Subtlety Guide had been rewritten. Many thanks to Fuu and Skwiggle for reviews and comments.


And Ravenholdt tees and more are still available:

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