We have some large hotfixes for the WotLK Classic pre-patch, with BRS returning to its proper state, Group Finder getting improved and more.

September 2 (Source)


Weapon trail visual effects have been restored to abilities that have them.

Dungeons and Raids

Blackrock Spire now properly allows 10 players inside.

Resolved an issue where selecting certain roles for your class in the Group Finder would not actually display them in your listing.

Fixed an issue where Group Finder listings would be removed for certain players when moving between zones.

Fixed an issue where the Talent Specialization’s role could be set to tank after changing zones.

Developers’ note: The intention here is that this role selection should always default to DPS, and can be set by players based on how they want to describe their talent builds.

Items and Rewards

Fixed an issue that didn’t allow the auction of certain items carried over from Burning Crusade Classic.

Player versus Player

Updated the current Battleground Bonus Weekend to Warsong Gulch (was Strand of the Ancients).

Random Battleground Queue no longer shows up for players below level 80.

Fixed a crash when inspecting another player and opening the PvP tab.


For the quest “Runeforging: Preparation for Battle,” Instructor Razuvious will now (begrudgingly) provide a spare Runed Soulblade for Death Knights who have managed to misplace theirs.