We have another Shadowy week in Mythic as the Rogues have all the fun in Heroic, and we’ll start checking in on Normal as well, just so we have a clean overview of all the difficulties. We have some more class tuning coming this week so we’re in for some more changes next time around as well.


95th Percentile

We have to go all the way to No.5 to find the first change of the week for the top percentiles, as Shadow, Devastation, Arms and Subtletly are entrenched up at the top for now. Havoc is the brave soul challenging the status quo, as it moves quite a bit up from 10th into 5th spot, taking the place of Retribution, which falls down even more than Havoc rose, finding itself way down in 15th. As the Paladins’ (short) glory days come to an end, we see a beneficiary of the recent class tuning rise up and win the “most improved” trophy, with Fire jumping 14 spots into 7th, just behind Balance which only gained 2 spots this week. Outlaw also does a little better this time around, as Frost DKs do a little worse, and Ferals stay strong in 9th. Hunters are not having a good time in Mythic, as their best is down at the bottom of the middle pack, and the other two specs are just at the regular bottom, just behind Assassination.

95th percentile Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.

All Percentiles

While Shadow easily holds on to its throne in the generalist bracket as well, we do see Arms rise up and overtake Subtletly, with the big news being Feral rising up 2 spots, just behind Outlaw as they both move past Balance, which falls down below Havoc’s stable 7th. Fury finally shows its face in the top 10, jumping up 3 spots into 9th, just ahead of Retribution which drops one into 10th. The bottom three remains the same here, with the two Hunters and Destro keeping their (horrible) spots.

All percentiles Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.


Things are not only looking very different from Mythic here in Heroic, they’re also looking very different from last week, with the Rogues taking over! Subtletly beats out Assassination for the top spot as Unholy moves up one into third, with Affliction falling down 3 to make room for all the newcomers. Shadow makes an appearance in 5th, slowly catching up to its Mythic spot, as Arcane holds on to its pre-tuning glory days a little more down in 6th. Interestingly and conversely from Mythic, Frost moves past Fire to take the final top 10 spot. Destro, Frost DK and Elemental are still the bottom three specs, with Retribution just a little farther up.

All percentiles Heroic data by Warcraft Logs.


Affliction is the big change over in Normal compared to Heroic, but we do see the other specs generally around the same spots, except for Survival, which made it up pretty high in Normal compared to the other difficulties.

All percentiles Normal data by Warcraft Logs.


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