More WotLK Classic hotfixes arrive.

October 6 (Source)

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Meeting Stones no longer have a maximum level cap.

Fixed an issue with Mal’Ganis failing to be defeated at 1% health in the Culling of Stratholme.

Fixed an issue with “Make Them Pay” and “No Mercy” that caused the objectives to show as completed upon accepting the quests.

Fixed an issue where “Call to Arms: Isle of Conquest” was part of the daily battleground quest rotation prior to Isle of Conquest’s release.

Fixed an issue where some players can become stuck and unable to queue for Wintergrasp.

Archavon now correctly drops 2 Emblems of Valor.

Titanium Ore can no longer be prospected.

Developers’ note: The ability to prospect Titanium Ore will return in the Trial of the Crusader patch 3.4.2 when epic gems are introduced. We’re not going to remove Titanium Powder from those who did prospect the ore but know that the Powder cannot be used to turn in for Jewelcrafter Tokens until 3.4.2 either.