A little late due to some technical difficulties, but here’s this week’s fashion report! It’s an incredibly easy one, so get your extra MGP while you can this week!

Courtesy of VTuber Kaiyoko Star, a detailed breakdown of this week’s Fashion Report challenge is available today!

As usual, you too can make an easy 60,000 MGP or more from the weekly fashion report by slapping together seemingly random pieces of gear! Kaiyoko Star does the work and research so that you don’t have to!

This week’s outfit is focused on masks! You can buy an Ash Mask at the marketboard for relatively cheap. Otherwise, it looks like Casting gear is Redolent Rose’s favorite this week, so break out your caster classes and create your best “Forest Mage” look! You only have another day or so, so hurry to get your bonus MGP for the week.

You can learn more on Kaiyoko’s Twitch or Twitter.