More WotLK Classic hotfixes arrive.

October 4 (Source)

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Honor gear vendor costs have been reduced by 30%. This includes Deadly, Hateful, and Savage gear.

The breath meter has been increased to 3 minutes (was previously 1 minute).

Death Knight’s Improved Unholy Presence now correctly reduces rune cooldowns when in Unholy Presence.

Druid Lifebloom should now correctly scale with Haste when Gift of the Earthmother is talented.

Flag carriers in the Warsong Gulch battleground now appear on the map after 45 seconds of carrying the enemy flag.

The Wintergrasp auto-queue when entering the zone is now much quicker.

Fixed an issue with “The Flesh Giant Champion” where Margrave Dhakar could become permanently stuck if other hostile creatures were pulled into the event area.

Incomplete quests will now appear with a gray ‘?’ in gossip windows.

Fixed an issue where Culling of Stratholme was not giving tank and healer Northern Adventuring Supplies upon completion.

Fixed an issue where players would sometimes not receive Northern Adventuring Supplies if a pet performed the killing blow to the final boss in the dungeon.

Friendly, neutral, and enemies tracked on the minimap are now distinguished by color.