Players on the Beta have been noticing some slowdowns and stutters before the recent maintenance, and since it is a Beta didn’t think too much of it. However, it seems at least some of those issues may have been caused by a gigantic cluster of protodrakes!

Plenty of players noticed this skinner’s dream in the Waking Shores and Thaldraszus, starting with some screenshots and then culminating in a nightmare-inducing video, as the drakes fly off in search of their next victim.

If you wanted to check if the flock was still there, here’s the location, but they also seem to be appearing in the Veiled Ossuary in Thaldraszus. There were also plenty of hilarious comments on the posts, so here’s some of them:

I always knew the villain of the expansion was going to be the Infinite Dragonflight. – Bioslack

Somebody messed up a “for” loop. – Zammin

Even with Survival Instincts, Barkskin, and Rage of the Sleeper up all at once, I popped like a fucking grape within 3 seconds, lol. They all seem to cast something that deals ~22k damage baseline. I was able to use Anhylde’s aegis to survive for 8 seconds and managed to get most of the group to like 70% health, but… again, popped like a grape once the aegis was gone. – Etamalgren

One starfall and a raid full of skinners is what that pile needs. – Kambhela

That is what they call in Dragonic Biology, a “Dragon Ball”. – ReysonBran

New Dragonflight bug feature: in-game GPU stress test. – dafino