It seems there’s some (short-term) goodies available on the Dragonflight Beta, as all the WoW Trading Card Game loot cards are available to use for free there! This has been the case for a number of Betas now, but some players may not be aware, so if you’re in you can check out any of the toys, mounts etc. that you normally won’t be able to get your hands on (outside of spending a lot of money on them). For context, the Spectral Tiger mount was recently sold for almost $5,000 and a lot of the other items are also pretty expensive. On the beta you simply talk to the NPC, select the item you want and you get it in your inventory.

These are the sets from the TCG game, each having heir own loot cards.

You can find Landro Longshot in Booty Bay at 42.6, 71.6 and try out his wares if you have the Beta.