An early look at the Dragon Isles Summary tab in Dragonflight.

When you reach max level in Dragonflight (70), you’ll notice a new button on your minimap. This is the Dragon Isles Summary tabĀ which provides you with important information about Dragonriding and Renown with the Dragonflight factions.

The UI is still very much a work in progress and doesn’t contain any art. On the left side, you have your Dragonriding talent tree and on the right side, you’ll see your reputation standing (Renown) with the four factions in Dragonflight.

Bringing up the Dragonriding talent tree shows the available Dragonriding talents.

Dragonflight has 4 major factions each having a separate account-wide Renown with various rewards. Clicking on one of the faction brings up the Renown tab, showing the current rewards you’ve unlocked and your Renown level.