It’s been a long time since flying was introduced to WoW, and the topic has had some intense debates surrounding it, from the need to unlock it in certain expansions, to it ever being locked in the first place, and the more recent Dragonriding vs. regular flying mounts arguments, so the topic could definitely use some historical perspective. In comes hirumaredx with another interesting video, taking a look at flying from it’s very beginnings.

Starting with only flight masters being available and the way Blizzard used them to show interesting areas players couldn’t normally see, through the introduction of flying mounts in TBC, the unimaginably horrific 60% movement speed first flying mounts, TBC only having 24 flying mounts available and them not being able to fly in Azeroth, the WotLK attempts at mounted combat that may have influenced Dragonriding, the advent of Azeroth flying in Cataclysm, and many many more interesting facts up to Dragonflight. Let’s take a look!