Here’s a very interesting one, as anboniwow took a stab at making a visual scale of many of Azeroth’s denizens, putting them side-by-side! From gnomes to tauren, nathrezim to eredar, including specific characters like the Lich King, Archimonde, and of course, the Old Gods and Sargeras himself. The sizes are taken from official sources where possible, with some estimations based on in-game models where there isn’t any specific info, but it’s all looking pretty impressive nonetheless! In regards to the Old Gods, they don’t actually look like that and are just depicted as we know them from their boss encounters, but they are actually that large, as their bodies extend deep into Azeroth. There’s even a surprise cameo at the end!


Size comparison between most of the main characters in World of Warcraft. I tried my best to find official sources on all of them but for some there simply isn’t anything and in those cases I followed official artwork and in-game size. Some characters can change their size using magic (Archimonde) so it’s hard to be extremely accurate with everything. Old Gods don’t actually look like that but that is their full body size according to the lore. (Y’Shaarj was even bigger but there are no models of him)