Another batch of hotfixes arrives, bringing a Terros nerf in the Vault, class and quest fixes, as well as special reagent drop rates from mobs getting tuned.

January 5 (Source)



Swiping Mangle now triggers from Mangles cast by Convoke the Spirits.

Mangles cast during Convoke the Spirits now consume Gore.



Fixed an issue where Mass Return was castable in arenas and battlegrounds.



Fixed an issue preventing Radiant Decree and Justicar’s Vengeance from benefiting from Seal of Order.

Dungeons and Raids

Vault of the Incarnates


Reduced the damage of Rock Blast by 44% on LFR difficulty.

Items and Rewards

Fixed an issue that was causing the drop rate of various special reagents to be lower than intended from Elite creatures, and higher from normal creatures.

Added a small chance for Glowing Titan Orbs to drop from the Titan Forged Refti and Uldaman Golems in addition to the Titan Watchers, Keepers, and Golems of Tyrhold.


Ohn’ahran Plains

The guards at the Fields of Ferocity have remembered the rules of engagement and will no longer attempt to assist players with the fight.


Multiple issues have been fixed for The Ruby Feast questline that were blocking players from advancing to the next quests.