The community has compiled a list of undocumented changes that went live in the Dragonflight pre-patch. Check it out!


Sense Undead now has a sound effect when you activate it. (Source)


Aetheil, Yuyu, and Rips were added to Orgrimmar. (Source)
Druid treant received a new model. (Source)
The health of creatures has increased drastically, especially noticeable for pre-Shadowlands content. (Source)


Orcs now properly wear shoulder armor. The gap has been fixed. (Source)
Class-specific Engineering recipes from Sunwell can be learned by any class now. E.g. You can learn a Druid-only schematic on a Hunter. (Source)


Mammoth mounts have a new summon sound. (Source)
Divine Steed has a new sound when summoned. (Source)


Milling for Draenor Garrisons now requires Draenor Inscription. (Source)
Mining has a new sound effect. (Source)


Aspects in the Dragon Soul raid use the new Dragonflight models. (Source)
A motion sickness peon was added to Dragon Soul. (Source)


Paladin’s Exorcism has a new sound effect. (Source)


While doing Torghast through Threads of Fate, you get reduced XP from solving Chest puzzles (-50%) and rescuing Souls doesn’t grant XP anymore(was around 1k). (Source)


Minimap tracking and Profession icons have been updated. (Source)
The Looking for Dungeon eye (icon) turns red when you spam-click on it. (Source)

Source: Reddit

If you noticed a change that isn’t on the list, let us know in the comments and we’ll add it.