In this week’s Dragonflight Beta build, Warlock’s Spell Lock will be removed from the class tree and readded to the Felhunter, as the spell is iconic to the Felhunter identity with a lot of history behind it.


Hello Warlocks,

In the next upcoming build for Dragonflight, you’ll see that Spell Lock has been removed from the talent tree and readded to the Felhunter. We wanted to take a moment to explain why we added Spell Lock to the talent tree and our decision to revert the change altogether.

Our goal was to try and de-power the Felhunter from a utility perspective to increase how often Warlocks might use different demons such as Sayaad or Voidwalker throughout endgame content. Our attempt at this was to move Spell Lock to Dragonflight’s new talent trees, first as a choice and then as a guaranteed ability. However, after playtesting, we noticed something was lost.

Warlocks have always been able to utilize demons to perform actions independent of whatever state the Warlock is currently in. Spell Lock is iconic to the Felhunter identity and has a lot of history behind it. We considered making this a choice-style node, but ultimately felt that we want to retain the gameplay of knowing what a Warlock is capable of by what demon they are accompanied by, and the unique identity Warlock has: utilizing powerful tools tied to their pets rather than themselves.

Thank you for your thoughts on this change, we genuinely appreciate the feedback, and we will continue to watch discussions as they unfold.