The Underlight Angler Artifact Fishing Rod from Legion is currently experiencing some issues with Dracthyr characters and the Fishing For Attention buff disappearing when you leave combat. Here’s how you can fix both.

Dracthyr characters currently have issues with the Underlight Angler and upgrading it with Artifact Power. However, @stoppableforceprovides a handy macro that seems to fix the problem.

On 11/25/2022 at 6:55 AM, stoppableforce said:

There actually is a way around this, I’ve just found by experimenting. Put some AP into the Angler, equip it into your fishing journal, open the artifact forge for it in Dalaran (so you’re staring at the blank artifact panel), and run this in the chat:

/run for i,powerid in pairs(C_ArtifactUI.GetPowers()) do C_ArtifactUI.AddPower(powerid) end

Essentially it loops over every node in the Angler’s tree, finds the one it can actually unlock (Undercurrent, the starting power), and unlocks it. You will then be able to see, and unlock, powers normally at the artifact forge.

The second bug causes the Fishing For Attention buff to fall off whenever you get out of combat. The following macro temporarily solves the issue until Blizzard patches the buff to reapply automatically.