Here’s a whole lot for Hunters to look forward to, as Petopia have added all potential models that either are or could be tamable in Dragonflight (which currently exist in the Alpha at least)!

With so many new and improved models coming in the expansion, Petopia have gathered all the potential Hunter goodness in one place, and while some may not be tamable and are just guesses, there’s still plenty of variety to choose from!

Here are all the new models – and new looks for older models – that we’ve found so far in the Dragonflight Alpha Test and that we think have the potential to be Hunter pets.

Only some of these models are currently tameable on the Alpha Test realm, and it’s likely that some will remain unavailable at release.

Note that Dragonflight is in very early Alpha testing and we haven’t included NPC tame info yet – more creatures will be added, others removed, and others may change dramatically before release. We’ll update the guide as we find out more.

Here are some of our picks, but definitely go and check them all out over at Petopia, especially since there are many more color and model variations even for the ones we picked out below.

What are some of your favorites?