Rare mobs no longer have a silver dragon around their portrait, enemy unit frames have been implemented, Vigor (Dragonriding resource) received new art, and more, in the latest Dragonflight Beta build.

Enemy unit frames have been implemented.

All classes received specific animations that play while changing talents.

Vigor (Dragonriding resource) bar received new art.

Rare mobs no longer have the silver dragon around their portrait. Instead, there are icons now beneath the portrait. Exclamation point for quest mobs, skull for rare mobs, and more.

Rare Elites continue to have a golden dragon around the portrait.

The loot window frame has been updated with a darker background.

Party frames have been updated.

Blizzard added new assets for the Renown window that haven’t been implemented yet. These include backgrounds and nodes.

The bank item slot received a new icon.