Dawntrail is the next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, coming in summer 2024. Learn everything about the new world, what awaits you, and more in our comprehensive guides.

The next expansion, Dawntrail, is scheduled for a summer 2024 release, introducing a new narrative to the acclaimed MMO.

In Dawntrail, players will accompany the Scions of the Seventh Dawn on their journey to the New World of Tural, where they will engage in local adventures and overcome new obstacles.

Along the way, the Warriors of Light will discover the secrets of a City of Gold and encounter diverse cultures and landscapes. Some of the new zones that players will explore in the New World of Tural are:

The forests of Yak T’el

The Mountains of Urqopacha

The hub city of Tuliyollal 

In addition to the new story and zones, Dawntrail will also introduce two new DPS jobs, one melee and one ranged. The specifics of these jobs are still unknown, but fans are eagerly awaiting their reveal. So stay tuned for more information in the future, as we will provide players with guides on the new job features, as well as tips on how to level to the new cap of 100.

Our writer Lyra has created a brand new guide hub for Dawntrail. It covers everything we know about the new world of Tural and its diverse zones, the new story involving a City of Gold, and the new jobs and changes for each role. Players will also discover new duties and raids, including a 24-man alliance raid and an 8-man raid. We will also provide a leveling guide to help players reach the new cap of Level 100, and explain the graphical and system improvements that come with the expansion. 

Whether you are a sprout (newcomer) or a veteran, our guide hub will have everything you need to know about Dawntrail:

All Dawntrail Guides for FFXIV

Another exciting feature coming with the new expansion, is that the game will be available on Xbox for the first time! This means that more players can join the world of Final Fantasy XIV and enjoy its rich and immersive story, gameplay, and community. If you are an Xbox player who wants to start your journey in FFXIV, we have some special tips for: 

Starting FF14 on Xbox

This guide is designed to help anyone who wants to enter the world of FFXIV on Xbox and have a smooth and enjoyable start. You will find useful tips and tricks to optimize your experience on this platform, such as how to set up your controller, and what to keep in mind when choosing your first job (class), as well as tips and tricks for new players, and how to get familiar with the game’s interface, combat, and social systems.

That’s all for now, but keep an eye on our hub and guides for more updates. We will continue to cover the latest news and information about Dawntrail and beyond. So stay tuned!