Destruction is still riding high, with only a few more weeks left on its domination schedule, as we see Feral drop off the face of the earth and Retribution rise quite a bit! Let’s take a look at the Sepulcher.


95th Percentile

As Destruction continues to enjoy itself while it can, we see Survival catch up to Deomonology (but that will also be short-lived, as the Hunter class is getting nerfed in Season 4 as well), while Windwalker takes Frost DK down a peg and hops into 4th. Affliction is not only riding high after its release from the bottom of the rankings, it’s actually gaining ground still, moving into 6th – another 2 spots up! That’s a giant 18 spot leap in only 3 weeks, and all it took was a tiny 5% buff!  And as we see a spec go up, so too must we see one come down – way down. Feral had a really bad week it seems,  as it dropped a staggering 9 spots out of its 10th position last week. The bad news for Feral is good news for Retribution, however, as the Paladin spec grabbed that final top 10 spot, moving 5 spaces up to do so! Arms stays strong just outside the top 10, as Outlaw and Havoc move past Enhancement, and the bottom trio has a new face pop up, with Fury joining Subtlety and Beast Mastery.

95th percentile Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.

All Percentiles

Windwalkers trample Frost DKs here as well, but they had to also go through Affliction, which may trigger the Warlock spec’s PTSD, as any drop in position might remind it of its very recent and very long stint at the bottom. Outlaw moves 2 up, setting up right behind Elemental, as Retribution rises here as well, but only 3 spots into 13th. We do see a change at the very bottom, as Subtlety has reclaimed its “throne”, with Arcane managing to pull up and return the bottom of the barrel to the Rogue spec.

All percentiles Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.


The big conflict between brown and purple continues, as Demonology comes out on top this week, pushing Arms down to 2nd once again, as Enhancement waits in the wings. Outlaw is doing well in all brackets it seems, as it rises here as well – 2 spots into 4th. Havoc takes down Survival, Shadow and Frost DK pass Balance, and Marksmanship leapfrogs Unholy, as the middle of the pack keeps shifting. Affliction is back down in the bottom in Heroic, dropping 8 spots, as it seems players in the lower difficulty aren’t giving the spec a chance after all.

All percentiles Heroic data by Warcraft Logs.


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