Every once in a while Blizzard forget that there needs to be an auto-dismount zone around certain NPCs, especially ones that are crucial for a new patch campaign or that are just commonly used, and players have very much noticed Patch 10.1 is one of those times – although there is a very simple solution to the problem this time around!

We’ve all seen it at one point or another, a horde of characters gathered around a (probably terrified) NPC, all of them mounted with escalating degrees of mount hugeness, and then it becomes VERY hard to actually click and interact with said NPC.

NPCs need to be taller…

Luckily, Dragonflight actually brought us a very simple solution for this problem with the Interact key, so in case you run into this problem, just use that in the general vicinity of the NPC (although you’ll have to face them – but you can use the /tar command to spot where they are).

Some players are actually going a step further than just not dismounting, and are purposefully putting up blocks in the form of toys and similar:

Give players even an INKLING of power, and it will always be misused.

And here’s a few more pile-ons, just for fun:

How have they been developing the game for this long and not learned the lesson….? (Mounts Stacked On Quest Givers)

Yeah, GG blizz for not making this area auto-dismount. -_-

Thank you interact key!