March of the Lich King, set to release on December 6th, is Hearthstone’s third expansion in the Year of the Hydra. Blizzard gave us an early sneak peek at some of the Warrior cards revealed today that we discuss in our latest post.

Today, we’d like to dive into the Warrior cards revealed by Inven Global.

Pretty straightforward card. The effect gives us much more value the larger the minion is. It gets really scary with the potential follow-up with Bulk Up giving you this massively overstated minion in hand twice. Or If you can get this on Mor’shan Elite, that’s another nice double dip of value.

Honestly, this feels like it was tailor-made to be the ideal target of Last Stand, as your opponent can’t easily get rid of it with cheap removal. It lets you use your stats immediately by letting you trade in and stabilize with a big taunt. It might not be too shabby on its own, as the 3 effects make it an annoying wall most opponents will be forced to trade into.

Wow, they’re really not holding back with hand disruption this set. One (nearly) guaranteed discard is pretty impactful and becomes a must-remove card in any control matchup. This card will absolutely crush the hearts of some Big Spell Mages in the coming months, that’s for sure.

And while this card says discard, the devs have informed us that it won’t trigger your or your opponent’s “Whenever you discard a card” effects, so there is no need to fear beefing up that Tiny Knight of Evil. In fact, it’ll avoid having Suffocating Shadows or Soul Barrage trigger, bet your opposing Dicolock players will love to see that.

To round off the control toolbox from this expansion, we’ve got a pretty unique effect here. Hopefully, this doesn’t end up being too easy to play around for savvy opponents. You could pre-empt this by running out a Blademaster Okani first and baiting out your opponent into playing a small spell first. But still, while the effect will only be as game-changing as your opponent’s last spell, getting any meaningful spell off seems pretty nice.

Putting it all together, we have an interesting Taunt Control Warrior list to try out. Varian seems like a natural addition to any deck with Silverfury Stalwart, Tealan hops along as one divine shield minion you might want to have in your control deck. Rokara and Remornia are good cards; they’ll go a long way to having your Mor’shan Elite’s active. The rest of the deck will hopefully give you the armor and removal needed to live long enough to throw down your double-stated taunted win conditions.