It’s a big batch here at the end of the week as we see many class fixes, including healer cleanses going on cooldown normally, Evokers getting some reputations enabled, and plenty more!

November 18 (Source)


Fixed an issue where Healers’ Cleanses were going on cooldown incorrectly.


Hover will no longer cancel when the Evoker is struck by crowd control effects.


Lifebind now only shares the Evoker’s healing between bonded allies, instead of sharing all healing received.

Developers’ note: We are happy with Preservation’s tuning overall but had concerns about the very high healing throughput of Lifebind when other healers were casting healing spells onto the Evoker during Lifebind.


Beast Mastery

Corrected an issue where the Hunter’s Prey talent does not properly reset the cooldown of Kill Shot when activated.



Fixed an issue that caused Brain Freeze to not trigger from Ebonbolt if Brain Freeze was already active.



Fixed an issue causing Improved Flametongue Weapon to be removed upon death.



Fixed an issue where Malefic Affliction would not be removed at the end of combat.


Fixed an issue where Demonic Cores would be granted without knowing Demonbolt.

Creatures and NPCs

The Experience Eliminators now allow players up to level 59 to disable XP gains.

The Escaped Wilderling’s great escape has come to an end, and it can correctly be recaptured again.

Items and Rewards

Fixed an issue where the Underlight Angler fishing rod could not gain Artifact Power.

Fixed an issue where Unstable Elemental Confluence was incorrectly dealing Holy damage instead of Nature damage.

The Large Green Bags that Evokers start with can now be sold to vendors.


Fixed an issue where players couldn’t craft legacy profession recipes that required special objects to craft them.


The Battle for Azeroth Allied Race unlock quests are now correctly available at level 50.

Evokers should now be able to accept the quest “From Within.”

Fixed an issue where Evokers were not able to loot some required items for the Tarecgosa’s Rest legendary questline.


Dracthyr can now correctly gain reputation with the Sha’tari Skyguard and The Tillers.