Here’s a crazy one, as our own Mythic+ guide writer Mandl managed to complete a +25 Streets of Wonder key with a group made entirely of tanks! They’ve been pushing tank-only keys for a while now and Mand has written up their experiences below, so let’s take a look!

Earlier this week, we (Nomeratur, Mandl, Meyra, klly and Cromation) successfully timed a +25 Streets with a group made up entirely of tanks. You can check out the the log here.


The bigger question is “Why not?”

We’re all tank mains and multiclassers in some way. You probably have seen some of us in various class Discords – Meyra over on Fel Hammer, Nomeratur in Skyhold, Mandl in Acherus, while Cro and klly are friends. We just decided to have some fun at the end of the season, and see how far we could take this idea.

The most interesting part of this has been the re-think and optimization process. A lot of the resources, the things that people know about instances, are often not applicable to 5-tank groups. Some mechanics we thought would behave in the same way as in a normal group… didn’t! For example, Xav, Nalthor, Kaal, Zophex and many other bosses will happily pick their main aggro target for group mechanics in an all-tank group. See for yourself:

By far the best part of this is how even the end-of-run splash screen gets confused about our groups:

The Mythic+ End-of-dungeon screen showing just one of our 5 tanks for the +25 streets,
as it is locked to showing strictly one healer, one tank and three DPS”

The Comp

We had some trial and error picking out the comp, and it is still a work in progress. Currently, we run:

A Guardian Druid, for Incarn and decurse

A Protection Warrior, for ST DPS, Spell Reflection and Execute

Two Vengeance Demon Hunters, for reliable damage, no real loss of throughput when not tanking, Imprison, Chaos Brand, a purge and two Sigils of Misery/Silence

A Protection Paladin, for offhealing and utility (we abuse Blessing of Protection to guarantee that klly does not die once Incarn fades)

We opt to route around Incarn. We are unfortunately still limited by our lack of burst and lack of magic dispel, and this limits pulls in some dungeons. For instance, we had to revise our Halls route a number of times to account for this, and came to something like this route. Speaking of which, here’s our +24 Halls run:

The same trial-and-error approach happened in every dungeon, and we’ll likely publish routes in season 4. We have considered switching out one of the Vengeance Demon Hunters for a second Protection Warrior, and will likely do so in Season 4. By far our biggest shortfall is boss damage, and unfortunately, Season 4 brings back a number of pure single target bosses (Medivh, pretty much every boss in Workshop, the first and last boss in Grimrail, to name a few).

Speaking of – we’re going for the 0.1% title in Season 4 with this idea!

And here are the twitch channels for those involved, in case you want to follow their very tanky adventures: