Find out how to get the Lizi’s Reins mount on live servers!

Lizi’s Reins is a new easily obtainable thunder lizard mount added in Dragonflight. Please note it takes 5 days to unlock the mount, so you won’t be able to get it immediately.


First, you must complete the Initiate’s Date Out side quest, which starts at 56, 76 in Ohn’ahran Plains. This portion can be completed during leveling.

Then, you must reach Level 70 and Renown 9 with the Maruuk Centaur to unlock Replacement Hooves.

Day 1 Quest

Initiate Radiya in Ohn’iri Springs will have a quest for you called To Tame A Thunderspine. For the quest, you need 20 Fluorescent Fluid and 150 Dragon Isles Supplies.

Fluorescent Fluid drops from any insects on the Dragon Isles. A good location is in Mirewood Fen (Ohn’ahran Plains), located just below Timberstep Outpost. You can buy them on the Auction House if you don’t want to farm them.

Day 2 Quest

Head back to Initiate Radiya. For the second quest, you must collect 20 High-Fiber Leaves and 150 Dragon Isles Supplies from plant-type creatures in the Dragon Isles. A great location for this is Emerald Gardens near the Shady Sanctuary in Ohn’ahran PlainsHigh-Fiber Leaves can be purchased on the Auction House too.

Day 3 Quest

The third quest requires you to gather 10 Thousandbite Piranhas and 150 Dragon Isles Supplies. You can fish them anywhere in the Dragon Isles. You can buy the fish on the AH if you don’t want to waste time farming.

Day 4 Quest

For the penultimate quest, you must collect 20 Woolly Mountain Pelt, which drops from mammoths, goats, or yaks. For the quest, you will also need 150 Dragon Isles Supplies.

Day 5 Quest

Pick up the final quest from Initiate Radiya and get Meluun’s Green Curry by talking to Ohn Meluun (at 58 72). For the quest, you’ll also need 150 Dragon Isles Supplies. Completing the quest will award you with the mount.

You don’t need to complete the quest 5 days in a row.

Lizi’s Reins

“Nothing will stop Lizi from her mission to eat all the world’s fruit.”

You can also check out MrGM’s video guide if you don’t like reading walls of text!