Hunters received some new talents and class changes this week on Dragonflight Alpha.

Disclaimer: Please note that Wowdb hasn’t been fully updated for Dragonflight Alpha which may result in missing class changes.


Fury of the Eagle Furiously strikes all enemies in front of you, dealing [ 236.2% of Attack Power ] Physical damage over 4 sec. Critical strike chance increased by 50% against any target below 20% health. Kill Command cooldown resets reduce the cooldown of Fury of the Eagle by 3.0 sec.


Chimaera Shot – Spell cost doubled from 20 to 40 Focus.


Viper’s Venom – Raptor Strike has a chance to maake your next Serpent Sting cost no Focus nad deal an additional 250% initial damage. Raptor Strike and Mongoose Bite have aa 15% chance to apply Serpent Sting to your target.

Terms of Engagement – Harpoon has a 10 sec reduced cooldown, and deals [ 50% of Attack Power ] Physical damage and generates 20 Focus over 10 sec. Killing an enemy resets the cooldown of Harpoon.

Wildfire Infusion – Volatile Bomb: Reacts violently with poison, causing an extra explosion against enemies suffering from your Serpent Sting and refreshes your Serpent Stings applies Serpent Stings to up to 5 targets.

New Talents

Bloody Claws – Each stack of Mongoose Bite increases the chance for Kill Command to reset by 2%.

Bonded Companion – Coordinated Assault’s cooldown is reduced by 30 sec.

Intense Focus – Kill Command generates 3 additional Focus.

Pack Resilience – Dire Beast lasts an additional 1 sec and deals 20% increased damage.

Ranger – Kill Shot, Serpent Sting, Steady Shot, and Explosive Shot deal 20% increased damage.

Rejuvenating Wind – Exhilaration heals you for an additional 10%/20% of your maximum health over 8 sec.

Ruthless Marauder – Fury of the Eagle has a 15% increased critical strike chance against targets below 20% health, and Fury of the Eagle critical strikes reduce the cooldown of Wildfire Bomb and Flanking Strike by 0.5 sec.