We’re looking at a new Elemental Shaman combo built around the broken Lightning Rod talent.

Rextroy’s back with a new video showcasing an Elemental Shaman combo that deals 1.176 million damage.

Background Information

This combo is actually really simple but very deadly. It is about a broken talent, “Lightning Rod” that makes Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning deal 20% of their damage to people recently hit by your Earth Shock, Elemental Blast, or Earthquake.

By reading that, you might already notice something horrifying. And that is damage dealt that transfers to a new target. 20% of damage against low-level mobs would be upwards of a million… but there is no way this works after all the other similar bugs that existed in the past?… Well, to all our surprise, it works! And it works really well.

All we need (with the right talents) is 50 maelstrom to use an Earth Shock, and we have both Nature’s Swiftness and Stormkeeper to make Lightning Bolt instant cast. By stacking up 150 maelstrom, we can use 3 Earth Shocks and Lightning Bolts in a row to destroy 3 different enemies within 6 globals!

All we need is some low-level mobs (RIP gently squeezed toads) that we can use Lightning Bolt on! Thankfully Durotar is full of them, and by using a horde-marked NPC, enemy players won’t be able to attack them (unlike the toads) so they have no defense against this…

Once Lightning Rod is applied to the enemy, they won’t be able to outrange the damage that transfers, so the debuff even more screws them! I do have more similar combos in the coming weeks, but for now, enjoy!

Here is a video showing off the Elemental Shaman combo!