Helltides are crucial to your gear progression in Diablo 4, as you can read in our guide. We found a couple of tools that will greatly help you get those ever-important mystery chests and find out when and where a Helltide is up.

We’ve already talked about the Helltide and World boss tracking Diablo4.life site, but here’s a specialized one for Helltides that’s even better! The very appropriately named Helltides.com has a very simple timer to track when they are up and when the next one is coming, but also has a map pf the potential mystery chests right there as well.

As you can see, the chests are marked on where they usually are and then players can also vote on those that they find live in the current Helltide. There’s also a timer, as the chest reset on a full hour (update: it seems that the chests may also reset 30 minutes into the Helltide, in addition to the full-hour reset). This also means you can get more than the amount listed at the start if you can get enough fragments.

That’s two pretty popular chests there! And here’s what the timer looks like when an event is not live:

Helltides are particularly important not only because they can drop solid loot, but because of the Forgotten Soul and Fiend Rose materials you can only get there. You’ll need those mats for enchanting (aka re-rolling your affixes) and for the final rank of gear upgrades. You can check out our Helltide guide for more information.

Good luck with those mystery chests!