Rextroy returns in style with a brand-new video. This time, he soloed the Primal Council in Vault of the Incarnates with his Paladin!

Background Information

This boss was something I set my eyes on a few weeks ago after testing around it. But I noticed that I needed better and different gear… That’s when I set out to grind mythic dungeons!

I got a 2.5k rating within 7 days and grinded 17k valor for gear upgrades. I also got some help from friends with items that I needed (haste items).

The main thing I needed haste for, was to get my divine shield cooldown lowered with the talent “Resolute Defender”. The talent makes each holy power spender reduce divine shield and ardent defenders cooldown by 2 seconds.

The main reason I need divine shield is for “Crush” which is a stacking tank debuff that Opalfang casts every 25 seconds.

I could avoid the debuff by other means, with kiting and bugging the pathing at the edges of the arena. But decided to aim for bubbling it off because it would be cleaner.

My passive haste was 50% after fully gearing with 414 ilvl, I would have gotten even higher if I had a haste wrist or waist!

Another reason I wanted this much haste was for Sentinel (our main defensive), with this haste level I had an uptime between 70-80% (depends a lot on procs). I would survive when it dropped off by rotating eye of tyr / Ardent Defender.

Sentinel itself will help my holy power gain a lot by making Judgment generate 2 holy power for each usage! Zealot’s paragon will also make it last longer, allowing more time to generate more holy power

Haste just scales too well with everything we do, and increases uptime on important talents such as Faith in the Light (30% block).

For the solo it is also important for me to think of global uses, most globals go to holy power gain (skipping out on Consecration and Avenger’s Shield when not needed). Also using the free “word of glory” from Shining Light even when I don’t need any healing, only to speed up sentinel and divine shield cooldown recovery!

You might wonder what about berserk? Well, the boss berserk is simply that they all start to channel the “Primal Convocation”, which is supposed to increase in damage every time it ticks!

This mechanic is the same one that is used whenever a primalist dies. However, it seems like the damage increase isn’t actually working when they start to channel it while alive… so berserk on this boss is actually “harmless” as long as they are killed at the same time

The talent build used was honestly an early version, I one-shot the boss (after gearing myself from 400 to 414). If I had gotten stuck I might have changed a few talents around.

Here is the talent build, keep in mind it is made for the solo and is not the best to bring into other serious content like mythics etc


You can watch Rextroy soloing the Primal Council below.