Fishbones is back with more Glyphs, this time creating grimoire casting animations for spells! We’ve already seen the very talented glyph-maker take on many classes and create various cool and weird concepts from them (ranging from blacksmith elementals and Warrior battle standards to many versions of Paladin wings, Zandalari Warlock minions and a lot more) and now casters get to sling spells out of giant books!

These would need to be for longer cast spells, as the standard ones may get a little annoying with the flashy animation, as acknowledged by Fishbones as well.

Alot of people have pointed out these would need to be for longer cast spells. Which I %100 agree with. Perhaps these could be used for the hold to cast option like Evokers will have in dragonflight.

— Fishbones (@Fishbones06) October 5, 2022