Another event you can participate in at maximum level in Dragonflight are Primalist Invasions. They reward two currencies that you can turn in for PvE gear.

What Are Primalist Invasions?

The four new zones will be periodically attacked by the Primalists. The events are marked with a red X on the world map. When you hover with your mouse over the X, you will see additional information about the event and how much time is currently left. In our case, an Elemental Primalist Invasion was up in The Waking Shores with 1 hour and 19 mins remaining.

When you enter the invasion zone, you will see an obelisk on the ground. The obelisk type reveals the invasion type. There can be four types of invasions: air, fire, earth, and water.

The area will be full of Elite NPCs, carrying the Elementally Imbued buff, which indicates the mobs have been empowered by elemental energies and are more powerful than usual.

The NPCs are quite tough so it’s best to find a party to complete the quest faster.

Why Are Primalist Invasions Important?

Slain enemies drop a currency that can be turned in for gear in Valdrakken, which will be handy, especially at the beginning of the expansion before the raid opens and the first Mythic+/PvP Seasons begin.

The currency is called Elemental Overflow: “The essence of fallen foes imbued with the power of a primal storm. Used to procure items from Mythressa in Valdrakken.”

Mythressa in Valdrakken sells item level 382 gear for Elemental Overflow.

The item cost depends on the item slot. 

Helms, Legs, and Chest pieces cost 500 Elemental Overflow.

Shoulders, Gloves, and Feet cost 350 Elemental Overflow.

Cloaks, Bracers, and Belt costs 200 Elemental Overflow.

Weapons cost 800 Elemental Overflow.

You can also buy a mount (Stormhide Salamanther) for 2,000 Elemental Overflow.

Primalist Infused Gear

Primalist Invasion mobs also drop quest items which can be redeemed for 1 Storm Sigil each. While you can farm an unlimited amount of Elemental Overflow during an invasion, you can only get 1 Storm Sigil. With 4 invasion types, you’ll get a maximum of 4 Storm Sigils per week.

Storm Sigils can be exchanged for more powerful Primalist Infused gear with item level 395.

The item cost depends on the item slot as well. You can buy the gear from Rethelshi in Valdrakken.

Helms, Legs, and Chest pieces cost 10 Elemental Overflow.

Shoulders, Gloves, and Feet cost 7 Elemental Overflow.

Cloaks, Bracers, and Belt costs 5 Elemental Overflow.

Weapons cost 13 Elemental Overflow.