Hiyorin has reached Exalted with almost every currently obtainable faction in the game.

Hiyorin answered some interesting questions on Reddit that we’ve summarized below.

Ravenholdt took under 2 days, but they had to level up a Rogue first, which was a pain.

They’re still missing Talon’s Vengeance, the PvP rep from Legion on the Mage, but the grind is short and should be ready next week!

The character had 367 days, 3 hours, and 2 minutes of played time.

The most difficult were Goblin factions, Hiyorin wanted both cartels and Bloodsail Buccaneers at Exalted and had to kill a few dozen thousand of pirates in Tanari.

Shang Xi is the levelling reputation for Pandaren and cannot be maxed out.

Hiyorin has done all rival reps.

The Pandaren character is very old and was previously a Gnome in Vanilla.

Here’s an in-game shot with all reputations maxed out! Congrats to the amazing feet and now Hiyorin can finally play the game!

Source: Reddit