We’re back to extreme goals that players set for themselves and then manage to complete! Sir_Rodsley has been working on this one for a while and yesterday managed to finish his goal of getting 3,000 Mythic+ rating on every class in Shadowlands Season 3! And while we’re not quite sure if this is a World First, as there may have been players to do this before, it’s still a very impressive feat.

Is this a World First? I hit 3k IO on every class in a single season of shadowlands

Someone let me know ?@RaiderIO_WoW @Warcraft #Warcraft #WorldOfWarcraft #Twitch pic.twitter.com/9shZ4Du594

— Rodsley (@Sir_Rodsley) July 23, 2022

Congratulation on getting to the end of a long road, especially with a whole lot of pug runs in there! Here’s the longer version of the clip:

You can check out all 3K+ 12 classes over on Sir_Rodsley’s Twitch channel.