Public Test Realms have been taken offline. Could Patch 10.0.5 be available for testing as soon as this week?

Yesterday, Blizzard previewed Trading Posts, a new feature coming to World of Warcraft. PTR realms have been taken offline, and a new encrypted Patch 10.0.5 was recently pushed to WoW Vendor 3.

(us) BuildConfig: 2161c11 → eeb65b4!

(us) CDNConfig: a272ab4 → d494ca5!

(us) BuildId: 47008 → 47065!

(us) VersionsName: →!

With that said, it’s entirely possible we’ll see the first Patch 10.0.5 build on the PTR this week. What features would you like to see in Patch 10.0.5 besides Dragonriding Leaderboards?