Blizzard has responded to feedback regarding trinkets coming in Dragonflight Season 3, announcing changes coming to both Nymue’s Unraveling Spindle and Rashok’s Molten Heart.

Nymue’s Unraveling Spindle


Bottom line feedback for me is that this trinket does not feel fun to play with in its current state and feels like a bad damage trinket with a lackluster Mastery buff

Thanks for the feedback and testing data. There are several changes in the next build:

Channel reduced to 3 sec with corresponding adjustments to damage and Mastery values

Mastery buff duration increased to 18 sec

Mastery increased by ~40% even after the duration and channel changes; the current value on the PTR is essentially a bug related to accounting for lost rotation time

Damage per sec channeled has also been increased to a lesser extent

Bonus damage to rooted targets increased to 50%

Rashok’s Molten Heart


There seems to be a lack of good healing trinkets this raid tier. We might still be rocking the Rashok’s trinket for a while.

Healing trinkets will be seeing tuning adjustments in coming weeks.

Rashok’s Molten Heart has provided more power than we would have liked and will require some changes beyond the mana restore reduction.