We’re going over some of the major leveling changes coming in Dragonflight.

Chromie Time Changes in Dragonflight

The new player experience in Dragonflight is changing. You no longer will go to the Shadowlands and instead, must level up in Battle for Azeroth from 10-60 before heading to the Dragon Isles.

Exile’s Reach (from Level 1-10)

Battle for Azeroth (from Level 10-60)

Dragonflight (from 60-70)

Existing players (accounts with max-level characters) can pick a starting zone or do Exile’s Reach and at level 10, pick any WoW expansion before leveling up in Dragonflight zones. Shadowlands was added to Chromie Time in Patch 10.0.

Choose a starting zone (from Level 1-10)

Pick any WoW expansion, including Shadowlands (from Level 10-60)

Dragonflight zones (from 60-70)

Leveling Your First Character in Dragonflight

Leveling of your first character will be linear in Patch 10.0. The zone progression will be the following:

Waking Shores

Ohna’ahran Plains

Azure Span


Threads of Fate in Dragonflight?

We currently do not know if the Threads of Fate system will be supported in Dragonflight. However, if the system carries over from Shadowlands, it will allow you to level up alts by doing bonus objectives while skipping the story.

You can find an overview of all the changes in MrGM’s video below.