The now infamous massively overpowered Felguard bug that was (most likely) used to complete the first M+34 key of Shadowlands recently got a fix in the Chinese region, but now it seems players have found a workaround for that fix!

As we’ve talked about several times already, the bug allows players to get an extremely buffed Torghast anima power-wielding Felguard (up to 2 million HP, 175K average DPS) out of the tower and into Mythic+, but after Neo’s report and video showcasing the demon in action destroying high M+ keys, it got fixed very quickly. The fix was simple: after the bug would allow a buffed Felguard to leave  Torghast, it would then lose its newfound powers around 5 seconds after the exit. Here’s the fix in action:

Pretty effective right?

Wrong. Apparently while the buffs do disappear, if the demon is re-summoned, that same 5-second window of extreme power returns, allowing players to conveniently use the Felguard’s most devastating ability, the Bladestorm-like Demonic Strength, which takes out pretty much any mob pack in it range, even in very high keys. And so some players are now simply waiting for the 1-minute Demonic Strength cooldown, and popping it to take down huge clusters of adds they pull in the meantime.

So once again, here we are hoping for a new fix and bringing attention to the matter! Luckily we still haven’t see anyone go past a +34, but there have been plenty of 30+ keys timed using this exploit. And once again, thanks to Neo (灵魂复苏) for the heads up!