This week’s final hotfixes bring plenty of class improvements, as well as quest and UI fixes.

November 4 (Source)



Fixed an issue where Tiger Tail Sweep rank 2 was not granting a bonus over rank 1.



Fixed an issue that caused Recompense to not function with theUltimate Sacrifice PvP talent.



Fixed an issue preventing the Exsanguinate talent from benefitting from increased range provided by the Acrobatic Strikes talent.


Fixed an issue that caused the Opportunity talent tooltip to display an incorrect value.

Fixed an issue that caused Skull and Crossbones (Roll the Bones effect) to provide a bonus much lower than intended.

Fixed an issue that prevented bonus Pistol Shots from the Fan the Hammer talent from triggering Blade Flurry.

Fixed an issue that prevented the Greenskin’s Wickers talent from benefitting from Echoing Reprimand‘s Animacharge effect.



Fixed an issue where Inquisitor’s Gaze would attack enemies that were not in combat with you.


Fixed an issue with the “That’s a Good Trick” quest that was preventing players from interacting with Lady Moonberry and completing the quest.

User Interface and Accessibility

Fixed an issue where action bars could get cleared when switching loadouts.

Fixed an issue where some characters may be unable to change their talents.