The 18th anniversary in-game event is already live on Korean servers, as it arrives later today in the West, and we now know the item levels for the event bosses, as well as the fact that there is no new addition since last year.

Source: rosemansion222.

As reported by rosemansion222, there’s the standard WoW’s 18th Anniversary achievement, the 18% Celebration Package XP buff and the item levels are 272 for the World Bosses. You can check out everything that’s coming with the event today in our anniversary event guide here as well. Also, don’t forget you can combine the event buff, Winds of Wisdom and Darkmoon Faire buff for a whopping 78% XP boost, as you can read more about here.

And while it is possible (if unlikely) that there’s more to the event that¬†rosemansion222 may have missed, even if there isn’t it wouldn’t be that unusual, as we don’t get new things added to the event every year. And with the Dragonflight release so close, it’s perhaps better that the focus be on the expansion, which is only 22 days away!