Battle for Azeroth will be two expansions old with the launch of Dragonflight, but the raids are hard to solo at Level 70 in Dragonflight.

Blizzard recently added multipliers for Legion raids, which means they will be easier to solo at Level 70 in Dragonflight. However, Legion raids were easily soloable even before the changes were made.

This week, Blizzard enabled Battle for Azeroth raids on the Dragonflight Beta. However, these are a nightmare to solo even though Battle for Azeroth is now 2 expansions old, which means they should be considered Legacy raids with added multipliers.

Multipliers increase your damage done and reduce your damage taken in a Legacy raid.

I’ve done some extensive testing over the weekend and played through BfA raids on my Level 70 Hunter with Item Level 394 and a full 5/5 tier set, including 421 trinkets. It is worth noting that I am not a Hunter player, I just thought the class would be good for soloing raid bosses because it has two pets up at all times. The Hunter had the default Beast Mastery Starter Build selected and no other changes were made.

Uldir was not available for testing, so I can’t comment on the raid.

Battle of Dazar’alor — I tried Mythic difficulty but couldn’t beat the first ram boss due to low damage output, the stacking debuff, and the adds constantly healing the boss. I reached Opulence, the fourth boss, on Normal difficulty. The damage from Wail of Greed was unmanageable, with 244k health.

Based on my previous experience with Battle of Dazar’alor, I didn’t even bother with other difficulties besides Normal for Ny’alotha.

Wrathion was barely doable. 

Prophet Skitra was easier than Wrathion. Although at some point after the mirror images phase, I had to resurrect my pets multiple times.

Next was Maut. I couldn’t beat the boss due to low DPS output and the Obsidian Skin barrier, but it was a really close fight. I assume it could be done with a different class.

Content creator MrGM who’s definitely a better Hunter player than me, also tried soloing Ny’alotha, and the results were 6 bosses down, with the last two being undoable because of the missing cloak.

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So from a casual player perspective, you won’t be able to do much if you plan on running BfA raids for transmog at Level 70 in Dragonflight. Hopefully, the situation will improve as we get better gear throughout the new expansion.