Evokers are bringing a lot of cool flying around while doing abilities in their kit, with one move in particular having potential to save and to grief!

The brand new and advanced Life Grip-like Fly With Me looks like a very cool ability, and has the potential for some extremely powerful positional plays, like the tank-grabbing one below:


— Liquid | Maximum (@maximum) July 15, 2022

However, as Team Liquid GM Max went on to explain, there’s also a lot of potential for “friendly” griefing, and it may just overtake Life Grip as the primary troll maneuver!

“Fly to me” is such an insanely good spell but you can absolutely grief the fuck out of your friends its great pic.twitter.com/scthQBzsrw

— Liquid | Maximum (@maximum) July 15, 2022

And here’s is the related handy presentation given to all Dracthyr during their training:

So, how will you use this great power? Responsibly or trollingly?