The latest Mage changes from the Dragonflight Beta include Arcane and Fire nerfs.



Arcane Missiles – Launches five waves of Arcane Missiles at the enemy over 2.5 sec, causing a total of [ 218.7% 164% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage.

Arcane Surge – Expend all of your current mana to annihilate your enemy target and nearby enemies for up to [ 536% 375.2% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage based on Mana spent. Deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets. For the next 12 sec, your Mana Regeneration is increased by 450% 425% and Spell Damage is increased by 10%.

Touch of the Magi – Applies Touch of the Magi to your current target, accumulating 25% 20% of the damage you deal to the target for 10 sec, and then exploding for that amount of Arcane damage to the target and reduced damage to all nearby enemies.

Arcane Echo – Direct damage you deal to enemies affected by Touch of the Magi, causes an explosion that deals [ 11% 8.25% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage to all nearby enemies. Deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets.

Enlightened – Arcane damage dealt while above 70% mana is increased by 8% 6%, Mana Regen while below 70% is increased by 20%.


Pyroblast – Hurls an immense fiery boulder that causes [ 142.61% 128.35% of Spell Power ] Fire damage and an additional [ 18.6% of Spell Power ] Fire damage over 6 sec.

Feel the Burn – Mastery per stack down to 2/4% (was 3/6%).

Tempered Flames – Pyroblast has a 40% 30% reduced cast time and a 15% increased critical strike chance. The duration of Combustion is reduced by 40% 50%.

Pyroclasm – Consuming Hot Streak has a 15% chance to make your next non-instant Pyroblast cast within 15 sec deal 240% 230% additional damage. Maximum 2 stacks.

Master of Flame – Ignite deals 25% 18% more damage while Combustion is not active. Fire Blast spreads Ignite to 4 additional nearby targets during Combustion.

Controlled Destruction – Initial Pyroblast damage increased by 4.0% 5.0%.

Wildfire – Ignite deals 5%/10% 3%/6% additional damage. When you activate Combustion, you gain 4% Critical Strike, and up to 4 nearby allies gain 1% Critical Strike for 10 sec.

Mage Tier Set Bonuses

Mage Frost Class Set 4pc – Consuming Fingers of Frost increases Blizzard damage by 25% and Frostbolt damage by 50% for 6 sec. Consuming Fingers of Frost increases spell damage by 8% for 6 sec.

New Talents

Unstable Blink – Teleports you forward 0 yds or until reaching an obstacle, and frees you from all stuns and bonds.