In the latest video, Rextroy showcases 10 hilarious bugs he discovered in Dragonflight.

Background Information:

There are a lot of bugs in Dragonflight… and these are just a few that I have come across!

Free Elite Gear:

First, we have a bug that granted us free elite gear the moment the season started… I assume the reason for this is that I had a 1.8k rating in the pre-patch. And when the season started, it somehow counted towards the elite transmog… quite a hilarious oversight

Lay on Hands Bug:

Lay on Hands is currently bugged and affected by Dampening twice… If you have 50% dampening, your Lay on HandsĀ (say it heals for 400k) will be nerfed by 50% to 200k… and then 50% again to 100k… Making the 50% dampening count as 75% etc… Quite annoying and definitely impacts the performance of Paladins, especially in 2v2 since dampening stacks faster

Healer Mana Bug:

There is currently a bug with Reserve of Intellect (chest enchant). When your gear scales because you enter PvP combat, your mana will be lowered by 80%, down to 20% (50k, similar to a DPS character) this is really impactful for any World PvP healers, and should hopefully be fixed soon!

Disconnect Locations:

This one is really annoying and happens a lot with Dragonriding (tbh it happens a lot with any kind of movement/blink/jump ability) it is when you land on certain frames you crash and get stuck. I assume the reason for this is that there are disconnection fields present under the ground that prevents out-of-bounds exploitation… Sadly this is affecting people in the overworld as well!

Broken Queue:

The queue system has been broken on EU for the last few weeks (on Wednesdays). You can’t queue up, and even if you are able to, you get thrown out of the queue, given Craven arena deserter debuffs, etc… All around it’s really messy and weird that it hasn’t been fixed yet.

Broken Warlock Talent:

This is a fun one, the talent Harvester of Souls, that’s supposed to make your corruption deal additional damage, is programmed so it hits YOUR current target, not the one that your corruption is present on… This enables you to snipe people from far away with free damage! It also works to interrupt hearthstone casts and most likely flag captures in BGs.

Dismount Taunting:

This bug was active earlier in Dragonflight. The bug made it so you aggroed whoever you were currently targeting when dismounting (while dragonriding someone else) there isn’t anything more to it, but it was surely hilarious to troll your friends!

Ability Input Lag:

This is a thing that has become worse lately. It is when you press an ability and it has a delay between 0.2-0.6 seconds before it goes off. It is the exact same delay you feel when you are pressing an ability and it doesn’t go off for 2-3 seconds (if you are in an overcrowded WPvP zone, or epic BG) It is annoying because it started to happen more in Arena lately, I assume it is because of so many things that the servers have to calculate so everything has a short delay (it doesn’t happen in the starting rooms….)

100k Gold Disappearance:

I traded my friend 100k gold, and it looked like I lost 200k! I thought the game scammed me or I was losing my mind… maybe both are true.

Dwarven Farmer Scaling:

The dwarven farmer NPC in Hillsbrad is starting to scale these days depending on your character level… it is quite odd and might be for a feature? Since a dev went out of the way to buff them… Or it is just an accidental buff that happened as the city NPCs got buffed… interesting

Trade Disconnect:

If your bag is full and someone trades you something, you both crash… Hilarious I first thought it had something to do with voice chat but it doesn’t seem to be the case… Hope you all enjoyed the video!

Check out Rextroy’s video below for more details!