A broken Priest talent built around Psychic Link lets a Level 50 character one-shot Level 60 characters!

Background Information

The broken Priest talent that this is built around is Psychic Link, it makes 30% of the damage dealt by Mind Blast also be dealt to targets affected by Vampiric Touch. And this does work with the damage boost against low-level targets! (like many other things in the past).

I tested this back when recording my Shaman video, so it has become more known by now. Surprisingly, it still works!

I thought of levelling my priest to 60 and performing this combo, but it would be way cooler if I managed to scale my damage enough to AOE one shot lots of horde at the same time while being level 50!

I gathered some of the better gear available for a level 50 and many consumables. This allowed me to reach 100-120k damage with my Psychic Link, enough to one-shot up to 8 people.

The ability we are using that allows us to AOE one shot with this is Shadow Crash. It is a targeted effect that applies Vampiric Touch on up to 8 targets!

Since we are level 50, we are still really squishy and easily be one-shot by enemy players. This happens especially while kiting around low-level orcs…

To make the combo more “on demand”, the solution is to farm a rat… an Unconscious Dig Rat.

This item has been used before for various things, but the most well-known is the Patchwerk solo by Jidder! 


This allows us to spawn a dig rat which takes increased damage thanks to the lowbie DMG scaling aura! And we can bring this with us wherever we want, to one-shot hordes!

Remember that it takes time to farm it, and its unique…. so make sure you don’t accidentally waste it.

I hope you all enjoyed the video! I will have 1-2 more fun mechanics to show before the end of pre-patch, and then we will see what awaits in Dragonflight.

You can watch Rextroy’s latest video below.