With the new 50% XP buff it seems everyone is off leveling their alts, with less than 2 weeks left until the buff expires on August 2nd when Season 4 releases. And so we thought we’d gather up some routes, gearing tips and videos in case you really wanted to get it done fast, with 10-hour and faster 1-60 runs possible.

First off we have the legendary speedrunner DesMephisto and his even more legendary spreadsheet with basically any info you might need, from heirlooms, consumables, routes, addons and basically anything you might need (including videos), with extreme detail and video walkthroughs for Shadowlands.

Next we have some tips from a player that leveled 1-60 in 10 hours during this specific event:

And finally we have some video guides for 1-50 as well, one for each faction:


And you can always also check out our own leveling guides, sorted by class and spec!