The Heroic Edition of Dragonflight comes with a Level 60 Boost. In this post, we clear up some questions surrounding the boost.

The Base Edition of Dragonflight does not include a Level 60 Boost. You must purchase the Heroic or Epic Edition of the game to be granted a free boost.

A separate Level 60 boost costs $60 or 60 EUR.

A free Level 50 boost was included in the Heroic and Epic versions of Shadowlands, so all claims that they upped the requirements for the free boost are a myth.

The boost is granted to you immediately after pre-purchasing Dragonflight Heroic and above. You can use it now or save it for later.

You can boost any character to Level 60, it doesn’t have to be a Level 1 character.

Evokers are a Hero class and will start at level 58, so there’s no point in saving the boost for the new class.

The boosted character will receive Item Level 148 gear and 3 weapons, 510 gold, 4x 22 slot bags, 280% flying, 10 Tomes to change your talents, 5 health and mana potions, 20x food that replenishes health and mana.