Blacksmithing is now available for playtesting in Phase 1 of Dragonflight Alpha and we’ve summarized the most notable changes and quality of life improvements.

Professions have a completely new User Interface (UI) in Dragonflight. Here’s a preview of the new UI. A lot is going on here, so let’s break it down.

On the left side, you can search and browse recipes. The filter function lets you filter learned/unlearned recipes and more.

In the middle is a progress bar showing your current skill in Dragon Isles Blacksmithing which has 100 skill points. There’s an option to track recipes just like quests.

Reagents have different types of crafting quality in Dragonflight. The quality is indicated in the chat window and the item tooltip with a crystal icon. The more crystals the higher an item’s quality. Using reagents of higher quality results in better quality armor/gear. In our demonstration, we will use Tyrivite Ore of the highest quality that the vendor sells on Alpha.

Optional Reagent Slots

You can select 2 optional reagents for a crafted item.

Here is an example of an item in the first optional reagent slot. It sets the item to Soulbound, and increases item level and required level to 70.

Items in the second optional reagent slot (missives) allow you to select two secondary slots of your choice.

The Crafting Details tab contains some elements that we go over next.

Recipe Difficulty — Determines how much skill is required to make this recipe at higher levels.

Crafting Skill — Increases the quality a recipe is crafted at.

Inspiration — The chance (%) to craft this item with 17 bonus skill.

The quality bar under Inspiration shows you the item level of your crafted item. The more items you craft the higher chance they will be of higher quality/item level.

Finishing Reagents

There are two more slots that you can fill with items before crafting.

Finishing reagents are various types of oils. Writefire Oil used here improves crafting by +5 Resourcefulness and +5 Deftness. Another example is Essence of Tyr which increases Crafting Skill by 30 when used in a recipe.

When you finish crafting an item, a UI will pop up informing you about the output. Items can be recrafted.

Profession Equipment now has a separate UI and the tools don’t take up valuable inventory space. The first slot on the left is for Profession tools, the two on the right are for Profession Accessory.


Which Items Can Blacksmiths Craft?



Profession Tools and Accessories — Pickaxes (Mining), Sickles (Herbalism), Hammers (Blacksmithing).

Consumables — Repair Hammers that let you repair a targeted item to full durability.

Stonework — Items that sharp weapons and grant them effects for 1 hour.

Dragonriding — The Dragonriding Blacksmithing items are currently placeholders, we assume it’s going to be armor or some other sort of customization,