The Evoker Unity Legendary Power was added in Dragonflight Alpha Build 44999.

The Unity Legendary Power empowers the passive component of Evoker’s Boon of the Covenants Covenant Ability, increasing its damage and healing by another 5%.

Evoker Unity Legendary Power

Unity – Boon of the Covenants passively increases your damage and healing by an additional 5.0%.

Unity is the only Legendary Power currently available to Dracthyr Evokers on the Dragonflight Alpha. 

Evoker Covenant Ability

Boon of the Covenants – Call upon the Covenants of the Shadowlands to aid you, restoring [ 600% of Spell Power ] health and increasing your Versatility by 10% for 12 sec.

Passive: The Covenants have granted you a portion of their power, increasing your damage and healing by 4.0%.

(Instant, 2 min cooldown)

Evokers also received Soulbind Conduits that we covered separately.