We’re looking at the most popular Primordial Stone combinations for Mythic+ based on the data from Subcreation.

The Onyx Annulet is Best-in-Slot for many classes in Patch 10.0.7 with the exception of a few ranged DPS specializations, where annulet procs don’t make up for the lost stats from Mythic rings. Reddit user ExoticCardiologist46 created a visual representation with the most common combinations of Primordial Stones in Patch 10.0.7 and ranked each specialization depending on the percentage of players using Primordial Stones.

The Data

The data from Subcreation is based on top spec Mythic+ logs from the past 4 weeks (only including Patch 10.0.7 logs), ranging in difficulty from +16 to +27.

What Are the Most Popular Primordial Stone Combinations in Patch 10.0.7?

Here are the most common Primordial Stone combinations based on the data from Subcreation:

Single Target DPSProphetic Twilight StoneDesirous Blood StoneFreezing Ice Stone

Multi-Target DPSStorm Infused StoneDesirous Blood StoneProphetic Twilight Stone

HealingExuding Steam StoneWild Spirit StoneDeluging Water Stone

TankingIndomitable Earth StoneCold Frost StoneShining Obsidian Stone

Source: Reddit