The very first hotfixes of patch 10.1 are here and we see class and quest improvements (as players who had an issue before will now get credit for completing chapter 1 of the new patch campaign), with professions getting the most fixes.

May 2 (Source)




Fixed an issue causing Blackout Kick and Spinning Crane Kick to deal more damage than intended.


Embellishments should not scale with class talents, abilities, or set bonuses that affect the caster’s damage or healing.

Developers’ notes: This fix addresses a PTR behavior of Embellishments that was unintended.

Fixed an issue where the Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power crafting order recipe was requesting the wrong reagents.

Developers’ notes: All Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power crafting orders that have not been fulfilled by the time this hotfix goes live have been canceled.


Fixed an issue where players wouldn’t get credit for completing Chapter 1 of Embers of Neltharion.